Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Columbia Turkey Chase 10K and relay

This past Sunday, I ran the Columbia Turkey Chase 10K & Relay.  I didn't make it to packet pick-up due to work however my relay partner was able to get everything for the race.  I had to decide what to wear for this race and decided to make a turkey headband.  

Sunday morning came early; 5:30 am and off we went.  My relay partner doesn't want to any pictures or names so I'm respecting his privacy. :)  We had decided to have breakfast at Wegmans which was across the street from the race.  I normally don't have coffee before a race but decided since it was only a 5K I would treat myself.  Wegmans even gave me a cup to match my running outfit!  I saw a friend at Wegmans and we only got to hug but it was great to see Jill!

My partner dropped me off at the start/finish line and headed to the relay point.  I saw my running coach, Susie (it was fantastic to see you!) and my friend, Katie.  One of the reasons I love races is that you see running friends and make new ones!  
The race was very well organized and the course was on the road.  There were a lot of volunteers and police officers-thank you!  My three miles were hilly but it was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 50s. At about mile 3, I had been passing a mom and her young daughter (about five or six).  The daughter was struggling and the mom said that they were almost at the relay point and meeting dad.  I turned around and gave her my turkey headband, wishing her luck and hoping that it helped her finish.   I met my relay partner and off he went!  I drove back to the start/finish line and about twenty minutes, he crossed the finish line.  We both got our medals and headed home.  

This was my second relay race and I look forward to attending this race every year.  It was well done, easy and quick.  Nothing better on Sunday morning than coffee, a running medal followed by Church!  Happy Thanksgiving!  

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