Friday, March 27, 2015

Made of MOXIE! - Giveaway!


What is moxie? Moxie is energy, verve, pep. Call it March Madness. Call it Spring Fever.
Moxie is giving ourselves permission to move, strive, and be our best selves.
Moxie is now, now is the perfect time to register to run Esprit de She, and I am the happy Esprit de SheAmbassador giving away three performance Moxie cycling jerseys in the next week!
Envision yourself extra moxie-fied in this jersey, blooming beautiful as you bust booty getting ready for race season. Want one? Who wouldn’t!
Register by March 31st for any Esprit de She event, and I’ll put your name in my princess crown for the drawing on April 1st.
Here’s how:
1. Click here for the Esprit de She event page.
2. Select the race(s) you want to join and register.
3. Include the super-secret Gracious Warrior Princess  code EDS004 at check out to qualify for the giveaway.
4. Email your name, event date, and location to with the subject line “I’m Made of MOXIE!”
You get it! You got it! Go get ‘em, Ms Moxie!  Remember, if you can dream it, you can do it! 

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