Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girls Run Fast Ambassador

I am so excited to be a new Girls Run Fast Ambassador!
 I found this out last week and have been using the hashtag #girlsrunfast in my posts.

Girls Run Fast was started by Meghan Strong who is a runner and designer.

 She started this when she ran her first marathon and couldn't find any unique jewelry so she decided to create her own.  The first designs and inspirations were made from telephone wire jewelry that she made as a child.  She now designs for not only running, but yoga, dance, gymnastics, karate and tennis.  She will also design custom made jewelry for you and if your design sells 10 or more items, you will receive it for free!  Girls Run Fast has other things such as shirts, visors and stickers.
Girls Run Fast stands for:

  • Their mission:  To inspire women's inner strength and celebrate their achievements.
  • Their vision:     To help women celebrate their achievements through unique and inspirational   jewelry at affordable prices.  
  • Their values:     To provide the highest quality jewelry for the active female community.
They are also running a 10K with a virtual option.  I will be doing the virtual race so stay tuned for my update on that race!  

You can find Girls Run Fast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flikr and Pinterest.  Check them out!  

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