Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thankful Thursday-ROCKNBLOG Edition

It's another Thankful Thursday edition.  I have a lot to be thankful for this week.  I was chosen as a RockNBlog Blogger.  I am so honored to receive this and be part of this team and race series!  I was jumping for joy when I received that email but couldn't scream until I was home from work.  I swear, my neighbors must have wondered what was going on because I was just thrilled!  This is so special to me as a runner.

First, I have always loved this race series.  I love the swag, the expos and the races themselves.  Who doesn't love bands playing great music every couple of miles in a race?  Seriously, though, let me tell you why this race series is so special to me.

I have been a blogger now with Gracious Warrior Princess for almost five year now.  I know, right, five years-I can't even believe it's been that long!  When I started running, I subscribed to Runner's World magazine.  I kept seeing advertisements for Team Challenge CCFA.

My eldest son has Crohns' Disease.  I thought about it and decided to go to a meeting to find out more information.  I learned what was required to join the team (training, fundraising, etc) and thought that I could do this.  Run my first half marathon in Las Vegas, Las Vegas RNR.  Why not?  I joined a wonderful team of people, had fabulous coaches and raised almost $8000.  As a new runner, the expo was huge and I literally spent two days there getting new gear and swag.  I also met Meb for the first time at the expo.  I had the best time at the expo and touring the city.  The race course is amazing at night and the music was spectacular!  If you have never done Las Vegas RNR, let me tell you that this is an amazing race!!  I completed my first half marathon-a Rock 'N' Roll race! 

I had never felt more proud of myself and my teammates on this amazing journey into running!  This taught me so much about myself and I was hooked into running-full steam ahead!  The Las Vegas RNR taught me that I could believe in myself, trust other people to guide and teach me, fundraise for an amazing cause and live life to its fullest!  I am forever grateful for that race, what it taught me and the tremendous experience of an RNR race. 

I have now completed my third RNR race in Washington, DC this weekend and can't wait to run more RNR races this year.  (My race recap will be up shortly). 

I will be running the following Rock 'N' Roll races this year:

Raleigh Rock 'N' Roll (April 1-2, 2017)

Virginia Beach Rock 'N' Roll (September 2-3, 2017)

Philadelphia Rock 'N' Roll (September 16-17, 2017)

Brookyln (October 14, 2017)

Savannah (November 4-5, 2017)

Who wants to join me at these amazing races and have fun?  You can use the following discount for the races. 

I hope to see you at the races and please let me know.  I would love to see you there!  Till next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!

Disclaimer:  As a Rock-N-Blogger, I received a complimentary global tour pass, which I used as entry for this race.  As always, the opinions are my own. 

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