Monday, September 9, 2013

Color Me Rad 5K

Yesterday, I ran the Color Me Rad 5K.  If you have never done a Color Me Rad 5K, here's the video for the race.  (  Saturday was package pick-up at Goucher College in Towson, Maryland.  I went there after my NFL Redskins 5K.  You received a tshirt, bib, plastic sunglasses and bracelet (which you could choose your color-pink of course for me) and a temporary tatoo (RAD). I also got to meet the race director, Ryan who is a really nice man and talked to him for about ten minutes about the race and other races.    

Sunday morning came too early as we had to leave by 7 am since the race was forty minutes away and I had an 8:15 am corral start time.  We arrived by 7:45 am and walked around and saw Ryan who told me to have fun.  The start line is completely white and the finish line is multiple colored.  

Everyone is to wear white if possible for the race.  Prior to the race starting, there was music and beach balls and also a small taste of what was to come with the colors.  Color packs were thrown out in the corral and you had to throw color on everyone if you received a pack.  I got a small splattering of pink prior to the race.  Here I am at the start line and even Batman and Superman showed up for the race!

And, I'm off!  The dust is from the color packs.
There were four color pack stations and two color hose stations.  The first color was green, followed by pink, yellow and purple.  The color hose stations were the coolest; you got sprayed with different colors.  You could opt out of a color/station or you could get a little or a lot of color depending of where you ran in the station.  I learned my lesson at the first station not to have your mouth open.  I was talking to a fellow runner and got some of the color pack (which is only cornstarch but YUK!) in my mouth.  I kept my mouth closed at the other stations. :)  There was one water stop in the course.  The coolest part of the 5K for me was that it was a trail run.  I had never done a long trail run before so it really tested my running abilities and I loved it!  I see trail runs in my future! The race organizers had it very well laid out and had cones/flags for caution areas.

As I came up to the finish line, my husband was waiting to take my picture.  You were also given a color pack for the fun party at the end of the race.  This race isn't a timed race so you really could enjoy the color stations and people along the way!  Remember, how I started out white at the beginning; well no more white!

Do you think I have enough color on me? 

Here's Ryan and me after I finished!

Afterwards, there was water and granola bars.  There was also music, more beach balls and a finishers color bomb where everyone got colored once again!  I really enjoyed this fun race and would recommend it to everyone. I did have to take two showers to get the color off and was glad that I bought towers for the card for the ride home.   I really enjoyed meeting Ryan and hope to see him again at another Color Me Rad!  If Color Me Rad 5K comes to your town, do it!  Have fun and enjoy the 5K!!  
I'm making my dreams come true!


  1. Great pictures, you looked like you had so much fun, wish I was there too! Great Job!

    1. Thanks. I had so much fun and maybe next time, we can do this together!

  2. Color Me Rad was my first 5k ever! I wish it was timed, but overall me and my 5 year old had a lot of fun. That is why I run.

  3. So glad you and your five year old had fun!

  4. SO fun! It looks like a great event!

  5. Great job! That race looks so fun...I missed it :(
    It's all about setting goals and having fun!

  6. Looks like a blast! This is on my list to do! -- Ericka @ The Sweet Life


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