Monday, October 12, 2015

HCPSS 5k Race Recap

Yesterday, I competed in the HCPSS 5K.  This is a local venue sponsored by Rip It Events. This race is for the Howard County Public School System.  Due to this type of venue, this race has a lot of families and children running the 5k.  Talking to a friend who ran this race last year  she didn't do as well in it because of that factor and stated that it was difficult to weave between all of the people.  However, I know that it is a fun run and with that in mind, I develop a different race attitude.  Saturday, I went to packet pick up at a local running store, Feet First.  This was a different place from last year's packet pick-up.  I was in and out in less than five minutes and got my swag.

I was a bit disappointed in the swag.  The coupons were for Hair Cuttery and a car advertisement. The shirt was the same as last year, just a different color.  Last year's swag was better as I received a water bottle, reusable bag, usable coupons along with the above items.  I didn't see the course map there at packet pick-up.  I had to view the map online.  It was basically the same course; just a bit shortened because last year was 3 and half miles instead of 3.1 miles.  I came home afterwards to pick out my bible verse and my outfit.  

Sunday morning came early but not too early.  Since this race was local, I only needed about 15 minutes of travel time.  Hooray for me and being able to sleep in!  I arrived at the race venue and saw some of my friends.  A big hug to Jill for seeing me at the race start!  This year there was a fun photo booth with picture props.  Once you took your photo, you could email it or send it to facebook and twitter.  I would recommend adding Instagram next year since a lot of people (including myself) were asking about that feature.  I had fun with a boa and cowboy hat!  

This race also has a one mile run for the Athletes serving athletes.  Because of this one mile run, the 5K race starts later once all the athletes have returned from the one mile.  Although it was a bit chilly while waiting, I feel that is a great support for these athletes to have the race community cheering them at the start and end of their race.  We started about 10 minutes late and once I started to run I got warm very quickly.  I removed my jacket and tied it around my waist.  Who hasn't done that in a race once you start! :)

The first mile in this race is mostly uphill while the last three-fourths of a mile are downhill.  I started doing my intervals but realized this is difficult.  I hadn't run in six weeks and I was feeling it but it felt good to be active again.  Jill and I kept passing each other throughout the race and it was great for me to hear her support!  I will admit that I probably did a lot more walking that I wanted to during this race but I was out there trying.  I guess after being out for six weeks that I need to be a little less harsh on myself. Jill and I ran the last quarter of a mile together.   I crossed the finish line about 7 minutes slower than my normal 5k but I  was a happy with that time.  I hugged Jill, took some more pictures and grabbed a water bottle.  

Afterwards, I went to Panera Bread for my normal coffee and breakfast followed by Mass. I had a wonderful race day while feeling great about being able to run again! I am so blessed to have this opportunity along with life!  God is great and so are you! 

This upcoming Saturday, I have the Baltimore half marathon with friends so stay tuned for my race recap and pictures!  

Till next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!


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