Sunday, June 7, 2015

Baltimore 10 Miler Race Recap

Yesterday, I completed the Baltimore 10 Miler.  I wasn't initially registered for this race however I won a free entry at the expo for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  I realized that winning this entry qualified me for the King Crab Challenge since I had done the Frederick Half Marathon and was registered for the Baltimore Running Festival.

The King Crab Challenge is a series of three races:  Frederick Half Marathon, the Baltimore 10 Miler and the Baltimore Half Marathon.  The royal gift this year is four medals along with the cool medal rack and an invitation to a royal banquet sometime in November.

So, now that I'm part of the King Crab Challenge what do you wear to the Baltimore 10 miler since it starts and ends at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  A zebra sparkle skirt of course with zebra socks and barrettes that I made which were elephant and lion.  I had a lot of fun making the barrettes.  

 I was able to do packet pick-up at the local Sports Authority.  The Baltimore 10 miler is known for its race premium so packet pick-up was only to pick up my bib.  I set my alarm and got up early on Saturday morning.  I arrived at the zoo and after parking headed to the runner's village.  Immediately, I heard the song the lion sleeps tonight.  What a great song to have at the race!
 I had seen that my local chapter leader the night before had posted about where the  Moms Run This Town were meeting for a group picture.  So, I headed to the meeting place at the Runner's Village but I saw a couple of friends who are part of the Princess Posse.  It was so nice to see Amie Jo and Tessa. They looked fantastic in their Baltimore and Maryland running clothes! The Runner's Village was set up nicely in a field and there were a lot of tents and tables plus a stage for the band after the race.

 I met up with the moms and we took several pictures.  There were several chapters represented.  I love meeting up with the moms and seeing friendly, familiar faces and smiles!

I also saw my friend, Patti and we hugged while wishing each other well in the race.  I love seeing Patti at races!  
Of course, before the race I went to start my Nike GPS watch.  I had just charged it the day before so I thought that it was fully charged.  Well, it didn't charge!  Since it was low battery, the watch wouldn't connect to the GPS.  Drat!  No watch, no intervals or miles/map-I was on my own this race!

The race started promptly at 7:30 am after the singing of the National Anthem and we were off!  The first two miles were easy downhill and before I knew it, I was at one of the entrances to JHU.  I know this area of Baltimore City and knew the course.  There were a lot of police officers along the course but I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more locals.  I passed where Memorial Stadium used to be on 33rd street.  I remember seeing quite a few of the Oriole games there before the new stadium was built downtown.  I headed to Lake Montebello to run the loop around it.  The lake is quite beautiful.  There is a work-out loop and disc golf course there as well as a walking/biking/running trail.  
Picture courtesy of Baltimore City

I ran around the lake which was very lovely and there were several tables filled with protein bars, gel packs and Gu along with water and Gatorade.  I grabbed some fuel and continued running back towards JHU and the zoo. Along the way, I heard "Hey,there's a zebra on the course" and it was Amie Jo and Tessa.  We passed each other several times before they took off and it was great to see them on the course.  It was starting to get humid at this point in the race and I was feeling tired.  I didn't realize the last two miles were primarily uphill through Druid Hill park.  That was the killer for me and my legs.  I struggled through those miles but just keep thinking-just keep going or as Dory would say...just keep swimming!  
I saw the finish line and ran as fast as I could to the finish.  I finished with my normal time and was happy with that since I didn't know how I would do with this race.  I had just finished four half marathons in 34 days so I didn't have any time limits with this race!  I was greeted with a cold towel given to me by volunteers and it felt great!  It really cooled me down quickly!  Lion and elephant were very happy to be cool as well since they had most of the sun during the race while enjoying their barrette ride!
There were tables of cold watermelon, bags of Utz chips and other salty snacks, bananas, oranges and apples and bottles of water.  I headed back to the Runner's Village to pick up my premium which is a jacket along with my medal.  You only received a medal for this race if you were part of the King Crab Challenge.

I headed home and was a bit tired.  I enjoyed this race and if I decide to run it next year, I will be better prepared for the hills at the end.  The volunteers and the police officers were wonderful throughout the race course, there was plenty of water and Gatorade tables.  It was easy to drive to and the parking was great.  The race premium is really nice and fits well.  I love the thumb holes in the sleeves!  The runner's village had a lot to see but I had to be at work that afternoon so I didn't get to spend a lot of time after the race to enjoy it.  There is always next year!  Thank you to the wonderful volunteers, police officers and my friends who I saw at the race.  I always love seeing your smiling faces!  

And remember, my journey continues....If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!

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