Monday, June 22, 2015

What can you do when you can't run

Last Thursday, I found myself in the Emergency Room.  I had been having some medical issues and while waiting for test results, I found myself getting sicker as the days went on.  After four hours, I was sent home with a rest and wait health order until this upcoming Tuesday.

I was used to running at least a mile a day and had started the Runner's World Summer Streak 2015 with only a little over two weeks left.  The doctor didn't tell me that I couldn't run however suggested that I allow my body to rest for several days and take it easy.  Easy, I thought means no running since I tend to push myself and had been taking it easy only to get worse.  Basically no running then. :(

So, what's a runner to do when you can't run for several days.  The obvious, of course, spent time with running in other ways.  First, movies.  I have a wonderful streaming program available at  my workplace, Howard County Library System entitled Hoopla.  You can stream movies, comics, audio books and music.

I searched for running in movies and the following titles came up in the search engine:  My Run, Endurance, Spirit of the Marathon II and The Last Mile.  I had seen Endurance and the Spirit of the Marathon II but not the other two titles.  My Run is the story of Terry Hitchcock who loses his wife to breast cancer, then loses his job and has to deal with all of this while being a single parent.  He runs 75 marathons in 75 days to raise awareness for single parents.  This film is narrated by Billy Bob Thorton and just so inspirational.  I laughed, cried and wanted to run even more after watching!  

The Last Mile is a documentary on running.  I particularly liked hearing various runners aspects on the sport and the music is breathtaking.  Again, this film made me want to go for a run and just enjoy it!

Second, today was Summer Solstice and for the past two years, I have attended the Summer Solstice yoga salute to the sun sponsored by Athleta.  Finally, I felt well enough after resting for two days to get out of the house and attend this annual event.  Yoga would be good for me, right. :)  The class started at 11:15 am and was done by 12:30 pm.  I love the yoga instructor, Jamie who was so relaxing, calm and thoughtful of the day.  I loved being outside in the sun on the new patio at Columbia Mall even though we moved inside after about 10 minutes due to the extreme humidity.  

After yoga, everyone in attendance received a new Athleta yoga and toesox.  I can't wait to try these out; such fun to have new toys to place with in yoga classes!
Finally, after lunch and going home, I spent my afternoon reading some of my favorite magazines and a book that I had started full of short stories and essays.  Experience Life, Runner's World and Women's Running are some of my favorite magazines.  I had started Tales from Another Mother Runner about a month ago.  It is a collection of stories and essays from Mother Runners.  I had the opportunity to meet Dimitry McDowell.  She is very sweet, full of energy and I love her honesty about her running while being a mom!

Although a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to complete the Summer Running Streak, I feel much better after a couple days of resting. Still unsure about my health but I will find out on Tuesday at my doctor's appointment and we'll go from there.  I can't wait to get back to running again but this was a well deserved break after a month of four half marathons and a ten miler!  I enjoyed learning more about the running world and community while still feeling connected to running.  

So, what do you do when you can't run?  Anything running related or just relax and do other things?  I would love to know; please leave me a comment.  Till next time and  remember, my journey continues....If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!

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