Monday, June 29, 2015

Baltimore Women's Classic 5K 2015

Yesterday, I ran the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K. 

This was the 40th year for this ironic race which benefits Cancerve.  Cancerve is committed to helping women who are fighting cancer and improving their quality of life.  Ironically, this was my first 5K when I started running three years ago and it will be my last 5K before I start my treatment for uterine cancer.  I drove home from vacation in Virginia on Saturday evening in pouring rain and put together my flat running outfit.  Of course, several friends suggested that I have a back bib for the race and I followed their suggestion. 
Of course, I had to add the shoe bling that I got last year in the Runner's Village.  What would a race be without a little bling! :) 
I set my alarm for 5:30 am and off to sleep.  I've actually been quite tired these days which is abnormal for me.  I'm normally an energizer bunny type so to be tired is a huge adjustment!  The alarm went off and once again, I found myself wondering why I run!  Don't we all feel this way but love race days! :)  I got dressed, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to downtown Baltimore.
I had planned a meet-up on Gracious Warrior Princess Facebook page and several running friends said that they would be able to meet before the race.  One of my friends even drove from Northern Virginia to run the race and support me! 
Once I parked, I headed over to Rash Field in downtown Baltimore in the Inner Harbour.  This is one of the prettiest areas of the city and one of the many reasons why I love this race!  The runner's village was in full swing at 6:30 am. I walked around a bit however the field was really muddy from all the rain the night before. 
I met my friends with many hugs, questions about how I am doing/feeling and pictures galore.  I'm actually quite surprised that I didn't break down and cry because I thought that I would be very emotional however that followed after the race when I was driving back to Virginia! 
These wonderful ladies are such wonderful friends and I'm so blessed to have them in my life!  A huge THANK YOU to Gracie (Pattie), Kim, Jessica and their friends for coming to support me.  Gracie and her husband, Paul drove up from Virginia to support me.  She hadn't planned on doing the race but did it with me and we took the race easy for both of us!  I can't thank her enough for all her support!!!  Again, I'm so blessed by the running community along with the support has been tremendous especially over this last week as I've struggled with my health, tests and waiting surgery along with treatments.  Again, you have brought so much to my life and I can't even begin to THANK YOU!  However, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! 
The race started promptly at 8 am with the singing of the National Anthem at 7:45 am.  Gracie and I started the race together.  We chatted about how we don't like the hill, which races we have next and life in general.  What fun to have a race buddy the entire race.  I also saw one of my friends, Amy from Pumpkin to Princess as she ran past me.  I wished that I could have spent more time with her as I love her dearly!  It started to get hot and humid around mile 2.  Also, at this point, you can see the finish line but still have a mile to go around the harbor promenade which is very lovely.  Friends were waiting for me at the finish line; thank you Danielle!
This race hands you a cold towel, race medal and has cold watermelon!  More pictures followed by Gracie and Paul heading home!  A huge thank you to Paul for being the unofficial photographer of the day!
I headed back to Rash Field to attend the BWC Training celebration and grab some food.  Several of my coaches were there and wished me congratulations. 
Meghan (a friend for many years now) and my running coach for the training hugged me while telling me how proud she was of me.  Of course, she also made me promise that if I needed anything during recovery to call her! 
I decided to grab some pictures of the Inner Harbor and head back to Virginia for my week long vacation in the Northern Neck Rivah Country! 

Once on the road again, I stopped at the local Wegmans for my post-race tradition of coffee and pastries.  Of course, I had to stop because I had been crying.  The emotions caught up with me about how important this was to me and will always be! 
I love this year's medal; the colors are my favorite-pink and turquoise.  I'm such a girlie girl and love the pink!  This race continues to one of my favorite races for many reasons-the race course, the beautiful Inner Harbor of Baltimore, the women who run this race, the Runner's Village, seeing friends and now the significance of being a cancer survivor (to come).  Again, I can't begin to tell you thank you for all your support.  Running has changed my life in many ways and I'm a better person because of that and YOU! 

Till next time and  remember, my journey continues....If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!


  1. I'm sad I didn't see the post on your page about the meet-up. This is a wonderful way I think to go into your treatment and of course be able to come out stronger than ever. I love all your photos-the Inner Harbor makes such a lovely backdrop :)

    1. Lauren: Thank you for all your lovely comments. I love this race. :)


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