Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock 'N" Roll DC Race Recap: Part I

On Saturday, March 12, 2016 I had the opportunity to run the Rock 'N' Roll half marathon in Washington, DC.  My first half marathon was with this series in Las Vegas in December 2012 and I loved it then!  Who doesn't love the RNR series?  Between the great swag and expos, music with live bands every couple of miles, the runner's village along with great food and free beer...what's not to love about these races!  There's so much to share that I'm writing two parts for this recap.

I had signed up for this race at last year's expo (I went to the expo even though I wasn't running the race last year to meet friends) because of the great expo price.  And guess what, I signed up already for 2017 once again because of this special!  I was a bit hesitant about this race as it wasn't the traditional DC race course that I was used to going through the monuments and Haynes Point.  I also saw the elevation profile at mile six and thought, "That a hill!".  I was also a bit hesitate with parking and getting to the race because this race had a different start and finish line.  I had to park close to the finish line but metro to the start line.
Course Map

Elevation Profile

I was on track training for this race until last Monday.  I was placed back on my medication for my ADD (I had been off for nine months due to treatments and surgery last Summer/Fall) and had an adverse reaction to it.  So, I was sidelined approximately the last week before the race and not feeling well at all.  I had to mentally prepare myself more because of this for this race.  I also put together a Sparkle Skirts picture meet-up for race day.  Initially, I didn't have a lot of women respond however the Sparkle Skirts showed up...more to follow about this. :)

I went to the expo on Thursday at the DC Armory.
DC Armory
 I was glad that I chose to drive there because I pre-purchased the parking for race day and it was in Lot 6 which is where I had to park for the expo. Because of this discovery, I re-evaluated my plans for race day to allow for more time to get to the metro for the start line.  The expo was smaller this year but I had more fun!
Expo Schedule

At the Expo

RNR Expo Picture
I did a Toyota challenge and drove a new Rav4, met with the Balega rep, Dan (being a Balega Impi Ambassador this was exciting for me) and see the new socks which I love, saw some friends and just enjoyed myself.
Fun at Toyota

I love this sign!

Balega Fun!
I spent so much time at the expo and had a blast!  Personally, I think that the RNR expos are some of the best running expos.  Anyone else feel this way? :)  Of course, great swag too!
I came home feeling excited about this race! Til next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!  

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