Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Year, New Goals

2017-new year and new goals.  The last 15 months have been tough, I will admit.  The summer of 2015 brought cancer into my life and sidelined me.  2016  was fighting back while struggling with thyroid disease and financial troubles along with a move from a place that I called home since I was 18!

I will admit that I've struggled with all of this including depression but I'm going to try to make 2017 my come back year.  I've felt so alone and afraid over the last months.  The move to a new place while giving up a job that I loved to go to being unemployed and without a lot has been stressful.  I'm trying to figure out my life and the depression has gotten the best of me.  I share this with you because I know that many people feel the same way that I do at times; not to have you feel sorry for me but to share the struggles that we all have in our lives at times.

I have decided to not do many races in 2017 which will be hard when I see on social media all the races, pictures and medals once the running season is in full gear however I decided that I want to be stronger this year in many ways.  My running has struggled along with my mental, emotional and physical being.  My times have been slow since all my medical issues and it has brought me down.  I have felt like a failure, that I let everyone down including myself and even thought about giving up my running and my Gracious Warrior Princess.  However, the one thing in my life I have never been is a quitter no matter how hard my life becomes; I just put my feet in the trenches and keep going.  I'm not ready to give in or give up just yet!

My goals are simple-strong and tranformation.  I want this year to help me be a stronger person in all aspects of my life; not just running.
 My goals are:  

1.  Litsy Reading Challenge A to Z.
2.  Mount TBR-Mount Blanc-read 24 books on my TBR (To Be Read) pile on Goodreads.
3.  Litsy reading challenge.
4.  Wake County Public Library reading resolutions.
5.  Read Harder Challenge.
6.  Pop Sugar Reading Challenge.
7.  Cross train-grow stronger.
8.  Blog once a week.
9.  Increase social media numbers.
10. Daily Gratitude Journal.
11. Get a full-time job.
12.  Lose 10-15 pounds.

I'm am striving to make 2017 my best year ever in becoming the best possible me!

Till next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!

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