Monday, June 24, 2013

Baltimore Women's Classic 5K

Yesterday, I ran the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K.  A year ago, it was my first formal 5K ever as I had just started to run three weeks earlier.  Why did I start running? I went to Disney in February for their first all-nighter at the Magic Kingdom and while I was waiting in line, I started to talk to some women in front of me.  Who hasn't done that at Disney? They had just finished the Disney Princess Half Marathon two days earlier and it sounded like they had so much fun and I thought I could do that next year (2013).  So I came home, found a local running group which started a training in April for 5Ks and started running.

The Baltimore Women’s Classic has a long and storied history dating back to 1976. Since then, thousands of women have participated in Baltimore’s premiere all-women’s race, both young and old, runners and walkers, the competitive and those out for a fun morning with friends. All race proceeds support women's causes. The race is intended to celebrate life, fitness and the power that lies inside each woman to take control of her health. 

My husband joined me as we drove to downtown Baltimore at 6:30 am yesterday.  We only live about twenty minutes away so the commuting wasn't long for this race.  The Baltimore Inner Harbor is only about twenty-years old in its current state.  The City of Baltimore hoped to make this area a busy tourist destination with the upgrades and it is absolutely beautiful as you can see from the pictures. 
 (Behind me is Federal Hill from which you can see the entire Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry.)

I had a good race; not my best time 37:33 (last year I had a time of 35:01) but I woke up with a bad headache and was not feeling great at race time.  The day was overcast and about thirty minutes after I finished the race it started to pour.  Luckily at that point, my husband and I were already on our way home.  I missed him at the finish line so I didn't get a picture of me crossing the line however we did take some pictures afterwards. 

The Baltimore Women's Classic 5K is one of my favorite races to run.  Why?  Here are five reasons why it is my favorite race:

1.  The cost is relatively low compared to most other 5Ks in the area.  I signed up for this in December 2012 and I only paid $25.00 for the race.  This includes a shirt/bag/swag goodies at package pick-up.  Also, one of the local running stores:  Charm City Run ( holds a training group prior to the 5K and once again, the cost is only $25.00 for six/eight weeks of training.

2.  All of the money is donated to women's causes.  The race also promotes women being healthy and supportive of each other.  It is a women's only race and I tend to like these better for the support and not as competitive atmosphere.

3.  The package pickup is absolutely wonderful; always organized and friendly while the swag is above and beyond for most 5Ks.  This year, there was a bag, t-shirt along with other goodies. I especially like the shirt colors this year.  Last year the shirt was a lime green color and I thought that is was a really nice shirt (still is) however I'm loving the colors of the shirt this year.  It just keeps getting better.  The other item which was nice was the bag had all the sponsors listed on it (not the shirt) which I thought was a wonderful idea. 
4.  The finish line.  The race finishes along the promenade at the Inner Harbor which is lovely for that last quarter mile.  Upon finished, you are greeted with a cold wet towel and a long stemmed rose.  There is also cold watermelon (which I have never seen at other races), oranges, bananas, water and bagels/muffins.  I love all that you have once you finish the race along with the race village which is set outside on Rash Field.  The race village is never very big; approximately twenty different vendors which makes it doable after the race.

5.  The medal.  This year, for the first time ever, all finishers were given a medal.  In most 5K, you don't receive a medal so this was an added bonus in my book. It is absolutely beautiful in person!
I will run this race every year as it is one of my favorite races.  Do you have a favorite race to run and why?  Please let me know as I always love to hear about new races.  Also, please visit me at Gracious Warrior Princess on Facebook. 


  1. So sorry to have missed you yesterday! It is a great race. Nothing like runDisney and the BWC to get us girls running, lol. See you SOON!

    1. Sorry I missed you as well! Exactly about runDisney and the BWC. See you soon; maybe at Hershey Half!

  2. What a great local race!

    At the moment, I've only run one race, so I don't really have a favorite. I am excited to add more to my experience and I'm sure a favorite will emerge.

    Love the bling!

  3. Keep up the great work, Jennifer! You'll find a favorite and when you do, please let me know as I would love to hear!


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