Monday, June 17, 2013

Shape Diva Dash

Interested in doing more than a 5K but not a 10K or half marathon yet?  As an ambassador for Shape Diva Dash, let me fill you in this fun race!

What is Diva Dash?

Forget barbed wire, fire pits and mud. We’re talking a women’s-only 5k course dotted with fun obstacles sure to challenge your agility, balance, strength and speed. Add in copious amounts of tutus, boas and bling, plus enthusiastic camaraderie, and you’ve got SHAPE Diva Dash.  Join a competitive wave and battle for a top finish and prize*. Or saunter along at your own pace. We’ll time your efforts (if you want), but there’s no pressure to finish fast, so have a great time as you run, walk, jog or slog your way to the finish. Tackle tough obstacles that challenge you or take the easy route. It’s your call. Different degrees of difficulty on some obstacles give you the chance to make the Dash as hard…or easy…as you want.

The Course

The SHAPE Diva Dash course covers about 3 miles of trail, sand, and road. Each course is different. And just to keep things interesting, we throw in some crazy obstacles to test your strength, agility, balance and sense of adventure. Some obstacles will have both tough and easy options so you can choose the level of difficulty that feels right to you. And if you’re just not up for an obstacle, skip it altogether. I promise no one will know but you if don't complete an obstacle.  You should expect 10-12 constructed obstacles, not including obstacles from natural terrain. There are five areas in the course which include:  strength, speed, ropes, maze and balance.

I'm so excited to be a part of this and will be at the Washington, DC race.  Here is a video from one of the participants this year.

The Shape Diva Dash is in Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC New York Metro and  Miami for the rest of 2013.  Check it out at  As an ambassador, I also have a discount code for registration.  If you register for the Shape Diva Dash at any of the locations, use DCANNA for ten dollars ($10.00) off the registration fee.

I am looking forward to this fun, challenging race and I hope to see you at the Washington, DC race!  Please look for me, introduce yourself and let's go have some fun!

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