Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Runners United

Yesterday I wrote a post about how runners understand each other.  June 5th was National Running Day and I have a post of this blog about this and my run in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!
Yesterday,  I also  picked up the new issue of Runner's World yesterday which was dedicated to Boston.  In this issue, there is an advertisement from Dick's Sporting Goods which I wish to share.

It is a picture of runners and this is what it says:

Those who sought to break our spirt couldn't have picked a more tenacious crowd.  Runner's don't run away from adversity, we run through it.  And through it, we grow stronger.  It's what runners do best.  We persevere.  Before Monday, April 1th, each runner had his or her own unique reason to run.  Renewal, peace,community, inspiration, love, freedome, confidence and pride.  Ever since, defiant to our core and unified in our resolve, we also share one special reason to run....Run for Boston.

Here is also a link to a video about runners.

There is an entire series about the runners in these videos.  Was it a coincidence that I saw this after writing a post about runners understanding each other yesterday?  I'm not sure but thought it would be a great post for today. 

We already know that as runners we share a special connection  as Disney puts it " in that great circle of life".  What are your thoughts?  Are we more Boston strong in addition to our own reasons from running?  I know that I am!

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