Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day 2014

It's National Running Day!  Here are five things you should do on National Running Day:
1. Go for a run. 
Well, duh.
2. Subscribe to Women’s Running Magazine’s special deal.
You all know I love Women’s Running Magazine, and today there is a great deal you should snatch up! Here’s the link for the deal: It’s $1 an issue. 
3. Encourage a friend.
Who knows someone who has just started running?
Who knows someone who used to run but hasn’t found the time lately?
Give them a thumbs up or a word of encouragement and a smile. Sometimes a positive word makes all the difference in motivating a runner.
4. Donate your miles.
Check this out, you can donate your miles to a charity via an app. I heart technology. And since I love running, love charity work, and love my phone, this is a match made in heaven. I just downloaded the app and I’m off to check it out!
5. Sign up for a race.
You didn’t think we’d get out of here without me suggesting signing up for a race, did you? I think not. Do it!!!  
You know you want to.
You can create a fun graphic for yourself by downloading this image and filling it out.  
National Running Day

Here's a copy of my bib that I made for today.  

Are you going for a run today? Did you already go for a run?  Let me know; Happy Running Day!  

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