Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love the Run You're With 5K Race Recap

This past Sunday, February 14th, I had the pleasure of running of a local race in Arlington, VA.  For the past several years, I had seen the advertisements for this race, "Love the Run You're With 5K" sponsored by Pacers Running.  The reason it always caught my eye was that the premium for this race is a really cute fleece blanket with a monkey on it.

So, this year I finally registered because I really wanted that blanket.  I put together my outfit for the race with my Sparkle Skirt along with Balega socks.  
The weather was extremely cold (9 degrees) and the race wasn't 100% on until that morning. Notices were sent out the day before stating that a decision would be made at 6 am on race morning. I will have to admit that part of me really wanted the race to be called off due to the cold.

I got up early and drove to the packet pick-up in Pentagon City at the Champs Restaurant.  I got my super cute blanket along with a packet of Sweethearts.  Yes, I was in Diva mode that morning even with the cold temperatures.  

I did my 5K and it was cold!  I saw these ducks along the way and wondered if they were as cold as I was!  They looked frozen! :)  

I will have to say that for once I dressed accordingly for the race.  I wasn't cold or too warm.  I normally under or over dress but I did a great job with my running clothes and layering!  I finished slow for me but wasn't trying to run fast as the cold air really hit my lungs hard!  I was proud of my finish with running in colder temperatures for a race-a first for me!  
Afterwards, I headed home to try to get warm with a hot shower and coffee!  I love my Balega socks with my blanket!  It is really cute and I'm glad that I did this race after wanting to run it for several years now.

Do you have a local race that you always wanted to run?  Do you run a race for the swag only?  What are your cold weather races like for you?  Let me know-maybe I'll learn something from you!  Til next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Goals-February

As I start a new month, I am reflecting on my 2016 goals.
While some of these goals are year-long, others are achievable on a monthly basis.  I am happy to report that I have achieved two of my 2016 goals.

If you remember from my original goal blog post, I stated that I would color the hearts in pink as I have achieved them.  Here's the updated picture!  :)  

Two of the heart are now colored in.  The first goal that I achieved was to have 200 Twitter followers.  I now have 217 Twitter followers.  You can find me on Twitter at

The second goal that I achieved was to have one new running ambassadorship for this year.  I was fortunate to be chosen to be a Balega Impi Ambassador.  I'm looking forward to my first conference call this evening with Balega and learning more about this great company and moving forward into my role as an Impi!  Second, I was chosen to be a Nuun ambassador.  I will look forward to hear more about this second wonderful opportunity working with another great company!  

How are you doing with your goals that you set in January?  Are you achieving them-slowly but surely?  Are you on the fast track with some of them like me?  Let me know-I would love to hear about your goals along with successes and struggles!  Leave me a comment-let me know if I can help you achieve your 2016 goals.  

Till next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said! 

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