Friday, March 27, 2015

Made of MOXIE! - Giveaway!


What is moxie? Moxie is energy, verve, pep. Call it March Madness. Call it Spring Fever.
Moxie is giving ourselves permission to move, strive, and be our best selves.
Moxie is now, now is the perfect time to register to run Esprit de She, and I am the happy Esprit de SheAmbassador giving away three performance Moxie cycling jerseys in the next week!
Envision yourself extra moxie-fied in this jersey, blooming beautiful as you bust booty getting ready for race season. Want one? Who wouldn’t!
Register by March 31st for any Esprit de She event, and I’ll put your name in my princess crown for the drawing on April 1st.
Here’s how:
1. Click here for the Esprit de She event page.
2. Select the race(s) you want to join and register.
3. Include the super-secret Gracious Warrior Princess  code EDS004 at check out to qualify for the giveaway.
4. Email your name, event date, and location to with the subject line “I’m Made of MOXIE!”
You get it! You got it! Go get ‘em, Ms Moxie!  Remember, if you can dream it, you can do it! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Some of my favorite running items

I have decided after two years of running, these are some of my top five favorite running items.  I can't imagine running without these items now.  

1.  Sparkle Skirts!  Where would I be without them? I fell in love with Sparkle Skirts at the Princess Half Marathon Expo and I worked with Leah (the owner) at her booth.  She is such a wonderful, sweet woman who cares about her employees and products while treating everyone she meets with kindness and happiness.  What do I love about my SparkleSkirt? Everything!  First off, SparkleSkirts are made for all body types.  Leah makes her skirts from a size XS to 4X and they are made in the USA!   The skirt has a wide band around the waist that is very slimming. SparkleSkirts are reversible to ensure a great fit for everyone.


Another thing I really like about my SparkleSkirt is all the storage.  The waist band has a 12 inch zippered pocket to stash you stuff. I use this zippered pocket for my car key, ID and health insurance card.   The legs also each have a built in pocket.    Since I like to carry essentials on my long runs, I have my SparkleSkirt loaded up.   Since the skirt flares slightly, my pockets were camouflaged.  No one could tell that I had them loaded up.  All of the storage options made it so I did not need anything else.   The pockets store everything I put in them while not having any bounce; I didn't even know that I had stuffed the pockets!
The most genius aspect of the SparkleSkirt SparkleTech is the shorts.   The SparkleShirts SparkleTech has legs built in. Leah promises that the legs do not ride up-and she actually delivers on the promise. I have tried many skorts in my life, shorts with legs built it, and the legs have always ridden up on me.  This is not fun anytime, but it’s especially not fun during a run.  SparkleSkirts have a special designed leg that has an inner thigh band.  This band prevents the leg for budging while running. 

2.  Road ID.  I recently purchased a Road ID.  I love that I was able to personalize it with my emergency information while having it match my daily and running outfits.  Yes, I am a matchy girly-girl!  Everyone should have one in case something happens and your phone is not accessible.  Yes, we all have our ICE information on phones today but what if you're phone doesn't work.  A Road ID allows emergency personnel to contact loved ones.  You can also purchase an interactive one with an 800 telephone number to call with all your medical information.  I love this product now and feel safer wearing one.  You can order yours at

3.  Race Dots.  I have always disliked safety pins for the bibs.  The pins leave holes, tear at the bibs and sometimes are difficult to place correctly.  I purchased RaceDots at the DC Rock-n-Roll expo last weekend and have tested them out this week.  I love how easy they are to use and now my race bibs are no longer crooked in their placement.  I didn't have any difficulty in using them.  A word of caution however as the magnets are very strong!  I only wish that they had different colors and pictures instead of the RD logo.  I'm looking forward to using these at every race!  

4.  Shwings.  I love my Shwings.  I have several different ones including mustaches to match my running shoes.  It is just a fun accessory for running shoes.  I have received so many compliments on these and always try to find a way to wear them for my races.  

5.  Spunkwear.  I discovered Spunkwear at the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K two years ago.  They had (and still have) the cutest compression shorts with blue crabs.  I just had to have them living in Maryland.  I have been fortunate in the last six months to be an ambassador for the company.  I have purchased several other pairs of compression shorts and will be purchasing more in the future.  They have a cute Maryland print that I foresee as being something I wear for my Maryland races.  You can receive a 15% off discount by using Anna15 at checkout.  

What are some of your favorite running items?  I would love to know what you love to use when you run! My journey continues....If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!

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