Monday, February 18, 2019

#RIOTS Week Six and Seven

It's weeks six and seven for the #RIOTS.  I got a week behind as I had a lot of personal things going on these last two weeks.

I haven't really been running much except for a mile a day but that came to screeching halt last Thursday on Valentine's Day.  I woke up with minor back pain but after being up for an hour, I couldn't move.  I'm not sure why this happens and my doctor isn't either except for minor sciatica so I took some pain medicine, got the heating pad and went back to sleep.  After several hours, the pain went away and I felt better. 

I am using my Apple watch, Garmin watch along with the Nike Run app.  I have been getting badges and awards on the Nike Run app.  I love getting these as they help keep me motivated.  Do you use this app?  Do you like this feature on the app?

On Saturday, February 9th, I ran a local race, Knightdale Cupid Run.  It was a small 5K and I really enjoyed it.  I will be writing a race recap about this race.  I'm currently behind in writing race recap.  

On Valentine's Day (which was the day I woke up and had the back pain), after several hours of a heating pad and pain medicine, we went to Your pie for a Valentine's Day special.  The special was two pizzas, two beers from Aviator Brewing along with two glasses and a tour pass to the brewery.  

The next day, I headed to Savannah, Georgia for the Best Damn Race series and the Savannah Book Festival.  The book festival has become a girls weekend and I just happened to see that the race series was doing the inaugural Savannah race.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend-running and books.  I had a fabulous race and then rushed back to the book festival.  I heard and met several authors and had an amazing time.  

Of course, no trip to Savannah would be complete without a trip to Leopold's ice cream.  I love that during the four days of the book festival, Leopold's renames their ice cream after the author and their books.  

 I will be writing more about more this race and trip in my race recap. 

My hydration is off along with my running.  So far, this month I have only run 29 miles.  I have let things get out of control and now I'm reeling them back in.  Scores for these last two weeks would be a B- or C+.  Till next time and remember my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!


  1. I'm in for that ice cream! I've heard such good things about The Best Damn Race.

    1. It’s a great race series! Very well run and the ice cream is the best!


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#RIOTS Week Six and Seven

It's weeks six and seven for the #RIOTS.  I got a week behind as I had a lot of personal things going on these last two weeks. I ha...