Saturday, January 23, 2016

Captain's Log Star Date 20160122.100 and Star Date 20160123.0800: Destination:United Earth (Home) by Blizzard Jonas

Captains Log Day 201601222100: Our destination is United Earth however we've encountered a storm by the name of Blizzard Jones. We've battened done the hatches here with a well stocked pantry.  All is well.  The crew (4 cats and three adults) are settling in for the long haul.  It doesn't look too bad out there now but according to the subspace communications from our home planet, the worst is yet to come!  We're supposed to survive this storm without going anywhere for a couple of days but who knows what tomorrow holds. This is the final frontier here-storm bound and stuck!

First picture from spaceport!

Captain's Log Day 201601230800:  While overnight was a bit rough (high winds and still storming), we all survived!  Upon waking up to Thundersnow, I quickly got dressed and went to the galley for coffee.  The cook (me, yes and captain too!) made homemade cinnamon buns and started the beef stew for dinner.  Definitely much worse out there and again Subspace communications from home appear that we're stuck here for several days.   Looking out of the bow, it looks like the storm has left more of an impact on us.  

Looking from the bow

Looking from the stern, it doesn't appear to be much better!
Looking from the stern

The inhabitants on the neighboring planet where we were supposed to restock look like they are having fun though.  I hope that the crew doesn't see this! :)

More to follow.....Till next time and remember, my journey continues...If you can dream it, you can do it as Walt Disney said!

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